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Masters of Computer Application (M.C.A)
The M.C.A. Programme is a full-time three years Master's Degree Course of Computer Applications. In Second year the students will have to choose one of the four specialized tracks. The Institute will conduct sessions for the students to make them aware about the subjects, career prospects in the tracks. Making it easier for the students to select one. Once a student selects a TRACK he/she is not allowed to change the track.

The basic objective of the education of the Masters programme in Computer Application (M.C.A) is to provide to the country a steady stream of the necessary knowledge, skills and foundation for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of the Information Technology.

The new Curricula would focus on learning aspect from four dimensions viz. Conceptual Learning, Skills Learning and Practical / Hands on with respect to four specialized tracks viz. 1. Software and Application Development 2. Infrastructure and Security Management 3. Information Management & Quality Control 4. Networking

The knowledge and skills required planning; designing to build Complex Application Software Systems. These are highly valued in all industry sectors including business, health, education and the arts. The curriculum is designed to cater to the challenging opportunities being faced in Information Technology. The specialization approach would help students to develop basic and advanced skills in areas of their interest thereby increasing their level of expertise. This would further promote the Masters programme in focused areas and result in development of expert skills as per the demands of career opportunities. The specialization approach may in future be open to more areas of specialization and hence make this programme successful in academia as well as in Industry. The first year of the specialized course has taken into consideration all fundamental areas and aspects of technical and management training required for this programme. A good mix of computer related courses use microcomputers to introduce standard techniques of programming; the use of software packages such as databases and programming languages for developing applications; system analysis and design tools. The general business courses include the functional areas of management like information systems and decision support systems and engineering aspects of software development.

The Job Opportunities : Many graduates begin their career at a junior level but are not in a position to map their job with expert technical skills obtained from a usual programme. The specialized programme would enhance their exposure to variety of roles and responsibilities they can take up in any areas of expertise. For e.g.: In the area of software development they could take up responsibilities in areas of database, product development, product maintenance and support in addition to management activities. Focused grooming would also make it easier for the IT industry to decide which graduate could be mapped to the right domain. Enabling entrepreneurship is also the need of the hour and students interested to be on their own could leverage from the newly designed focused programme for entrepreneurs. It will build right platform for students to become successful Software professional. This would emphasize on domain knowledge of various areas.

  • Mithi Software Pool Campus Drive for MCA/MCS 2019 PASSOUT on 6th Dec. 2018 @ 2:00 PM.


  • MCA Results were declared on 22nd June 2018. Ms. Chanchal Panpaliya-  (77.30) , Ms. Priyanka Dhane- (75.60%) , Ms. Shilpa Mungde -(75.03%) of Track 1,Ms. Sarika  Mahashete-(76%), Ms. Aishwarya Agrawal-74.50, Ms. •Bhakti Gadgil-71.78% are the toppers of Jupiter of MCA-III

  •  MCA Student Ms. Chanchal  Panpaliya stood 10th in the SP Pune University merit list 2017-2018

  •  Mastro Intellect campus drive for MCA 2019 passout is on 6th Dec. 2018. 

  •  MCA I Student team "Unique Solutions" secured 4th rank in Smart India Hackathon 2018 under guidance of Mr.Amit Agrawal @Hydrabad With trophy & Rs.25000/ 

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  • IICMR is very Proud of the MCA Department students who have shown an excellent performance in International Certification as part of the Add On Course initiative.

    11 MCA second year students certified in OCJP !  From MCA third year 18 students certified in Sales Force and 16 of them in ISTQB!

  • Congratulations all dear MCA students certified in JAVA (OCJP) and Salesforce . IICMR Family is proud of you !! 

  • 3 MCA students in top 20 in SP Pune University Merit List 2017

  • We wish all the Best to our dear students ! Do well and be confident, success is yours!

  • The Tuition Fees for MCA for the year 2017-18 is as follows :
    For Open category students : Rs. 78182
    r> For OBC students : Rs. 39091
    For other Category students : Rs. 0
    Development fees for all : Rs.7818
    For any other Enquiry please feel free to call : 9921000870 / 9822951262 / 020 27657648

  • SPPU University Exam for MCA/MBA is starting from 24th April 2019