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    Alumni Speak


    Sourabh Kulkarni, - MCA 2005-2008

    Assistant Manager , TATA Communication Limited ,




    "Studying in IICMR is, without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. Challenges as well as opportunities brought me to Pune and I couldn't be more fortunate to study in this thriving and one the most amazing institutes in Pune. My lecturers gave me a glance of what I called a 'Magic Touch.' The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. IICMR is simply an example of studying in a congenial environment."

    Sumit Bais – MBA 2012 - 2014
    Recruitment Executive 
    EMEA (Europe Middle East Asia)

    Nityo Infotech Ltd.


    "I found studying MBA at IICMR to be a milestone in my professional and personal life. The quality of lecturers surpassed my expectations and they represented a great blend of academic and real world backgrounds. Student Development Program (SDP), Career Enhancement Program (CEP) and Employment Enhancement Program (EEP) played a vital role in development of my management knowledge, skills and in personal competencies such as presentations, teamwork, leadership and negotiations. I can say that the learning’s from my MBA have already been put into practice."

    Hemant Pawar - MCA 2008-2011


    Process Consultant, KPIT




    "When I started my MCA in IICMR, I was unaware about the collage campus, faculty and atmosphere. But when I started to meet the faculty , i got relaxed as I was very far from home and they are the only guiders who used to motivate and also used to show the right path. ."

    Pallavi Yashwant Aghor - MBA 2012- 2014 
    Management Trainee
    Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited


    “IICMR was unanimous choice when I decided to do my MBA. Lovely campus along with IICMR great reputation for academic excellence, I joined IICMR in 2012. The faculty was very experienced and great in teaching. IICMR was a great place to learn along with plenty of amenities for fun. Days spent at IICMR are truly memorable. About the campus placements, we did have a lot of companies coming onto the campus. I was the only one selected for Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, a top manufacturing company. However, the experience I gained was immense. It has been a very good journey so far and MBA from IICMR has helped to a great extent.”

    Shadab Shah - MCA 2009-2012


    Software Developer, Synechron




    "MCA in IICMR has been one of the stepping stone in my educational and professional career. I have spent few memorable year of my life here. I made friends that are still very close to me. Not only teachers but the staff who still remember me. It feels fascinating to see how much progress as an institution it has made and how much it has grown. ."


    Sanket.D.Kulkarni  - MBA 2012 - 14 
    eClerx Services Limited
    MT - Financial Analyst

    "Two years in IICMR have been a crucial influence for my professional life. It offered me the wonderful opportunity of learning through hands-on experience. Each moment one learned a lot - be it from the faculty or the peers. The highly erudite faculty members , the strong placement cell, a well furnished library ( huge stock of various books , tranquil study rooms etc) coupled with all other basic amenities for a healthy growth of a student. The experience was not just restricted to books and classrooms. In fact Life in the Campus taught me the nuances of day-to-day living and ingrained a code of conduct that I am proud of. Even today, I am extremely passionate about my Institute ..."

    Vivek Jadhav - MCA 2010-2013


    Associate Test Engineer, Indus Software Technologies & Pvt. Ltd.




    "MCA course which I pursued from this institute ,helped me in my professional assignments. The faculty members of the institute are truly exceptional not only for their wisdom & qualifications but more importantly the values they uphold and I am sure many students in coming year will get benefitted from that."

    Priya Maske – MBA 2012 – 14
    HR Executive

    Peoplefy Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd

    "With this institute I have observed myself grow at an enormous pace. There are unlimited opportunities to learn starting from the first day itself. The kind of programs they conduct to groom the student's personality and mind are appreciable. I would also like to mention the hardworking and talented faculty members whose efforts deserve a huge applause. The kind of learning experience one can get over here is beyond compare.
    Wishing IICMR a very best for the future."
    Gaurav Pandey, MCA 2010-2013
    QA, Resilinc India

     "When you're a student at IICMR, you're not a number. You're welcomed with open arms and make an instant connection with everyone in the college. Not only is the teaching staff really motivated to helping students learn, but they also care for us as individuals."

    Mr. Raashid Khan – MBA 2013

    Organization: ETH Limited

    Designation: Business Development Associate


    My overall experience with IICMR is very positive. “Reaching New Heights” is not only a slogan but lived reality when I reached at MBA Sem-III, then I got job in ETH Limited Pune as Business Development Associate.

    My college experience is structured in a way that it gave me more freedom and control over what I have to do. It is great that being challenged by IICMR’s commitment to knowledge through critical thinking and creative inquiry, I will no doubt set and strive for new and higher goals than those of today. It happened only the support of our college. Environment and Placement Cell of this college is very good and faculty nature is very friendly specially Swapnali Ma’am. My future holds no limits and I consider IICMR to be a great institution that can fuel my potential through its commitment to excellence.

    Bhushan Pawar - MCA 2011-2014


    Software Developer, Emtec




    "Quality education is all what every College speaks and promises in the present day, but unfortunately very few Colleges actually deliver them. MCA at IICMR has always been “ A crest above the Rest”. Knowing the very fact that books are not the only way of learning, the college has taken immense efforts to see to it that each and every student gets the maximum possible exposure in practical field too. Looking from my personal point of view , IICMR has not only kept its promise of quality but it has also proved its uniqueness by providing the best of everything ."

    Ms. Sheetal Sawant– MBA 2013

    Organization: Ladder Technology 

     Designation: HR Executive


    “The greatest thing, by far, at IICMR is the people that I have met here. We have had some wonderful times and hopefully they will be friends for life. The help from teachers has really supported me in achieving my grades too. There is always support when needed, and this has helped to track the progress of my work along different presentations and project work.

     “I found ways discovering where my interests really lie, meeting new people, and developing my understanding of subjects that interest me have been the best things about studying at IICMR. I have received excellent support from the faculties, and have had access to good resources for revision.

    I really enjoyed being able to become a lot more independent compared to my time at school, but I still had support when I needed it. I also enjoyed the social side of IICMR. IICMR provides lots of time to study independently, but the help is there when needed through lessons and study support sessions.” Thank You once again.

    Atul Rajguru - MCA 2012-2015


    Test Engineer, Siemens India




    "One of the best times that I had – from every single perspective – academics, friends, and hanging out - The whole experience. Maybe that’s the killer combination that makes it work in the long run. It’s not a unidirectional experience, it‘s multi-faceted."

    Mr. Geetesh Nagare – MBA 2013

    Organization: Honeywell Automation India Limited

     Designation: Senior Design Engineer

    Achievement: “High Growth Region” award from Honeywell India president for Q2 2013

    Undoubtedly, IICMR is one of the highly respected institute of Pune. I have great affection with the college not because I am student of this college but because of good culture, excellent staff and adaptability of college with the technology changes.

    IICMR college has to go long way. I wish that IICMR will achieve exceptional success in the society. At the same time, I am quite sure that students of IICMR will be benefited with lots of knowledge about industry, technology, business management etc.


    Mr. Saugandh Deshmukh – MBA 2013

    Organization: KCPPL

    Designation: HR Executive


    "I strongly believe that IICMR is an institute where one can learn how to learn. The faculty-student relationship, focused efforts for overall development, SDP and CEP are the most important factors that helped me to grow as an individual.

    I am thankful to all the staff, faculty members and also to Dr. Abhay Kulkarni for enriching my life with many of experiences."

    Mr. Kiran Kamble  – MBA 2013

    Organization: Idea Cellular Pvt. Ltd

    Designation: Executive - DST


    I had a wonderful time at IICMR Pune. IICMR emphasis on all round development through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like SDP and EEP. Faculties put sincere efforts to provide quality education students to sharpen their skills and prepare you for the industry so that you can take tough challenges in your professional life.

    I feel fortunate that I was trained by highly experienced and knowledgeable faculties. The experience during the internship has taught me lessons that will help me in my career.

    I went to express my appreciation for the program offered and thankful to IICMR Pune

    Mr. Sunil Khetre – MBA 2013

    Organization: ICICI Bank

    Designation: Sr. Executive – Mortgage


    I found IICMR Pune to be a milestone in my professional and personal life. The intensity and breadth of the CEP & EEP program prepares me for high pressure situations, complex problem solving and work-life balancing that I can use in my approach to all challenges in my working life.

    The MBA Program by IICMR taught me to see the technical and non-technical end of the business. The lecturers were not only learned and experienced as one would expect from IICMR, but knew the best way to engage us and lead us toward honing our own business instincts and capacity for complexity and ambiguity.

    I personally believe this qualification will be a mark in the long run whereby everything will be judged on the basis of whether it came before or after the IICMR.






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