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    Chairman's Message

    18th Century saw the beginning of Industrial revolution, 19th Century saw beginning of Mechanical Engineering Revolution .The beginning of 20th century saw, in the early 1905, the basis of Atomic Power Revolution by .Albert Einstein, Wright Brothers invented Airplanes ,Henry Ford started manufacturing Automobiles on mass scale .Management started playing important role in Industry , Trade and Commerce , Banking, Surface Transport.

    In second half century i.e. 1950 onwards, was the beginning of the invention of basic physics of computers. Initially valves were used ,however later in 1950 saw the beginning of Transistors, developed into I.C., Micro chips and miniaturization of all parts .Thus the computers slowly started reducing in size and increasing in computing power. All these inventions have major role to play in the material happiness of human beings.

    Year 2001 onwards i.e. 21st century will be called rightly as IT century. In the industry & in various branches like design, planning, MIS, Accounts, Personnel, Inventory management, in Banks, in Trade & Commerce and in every office, computer will play major role .The networking and development of Internet & Intranet & use of satellites for communication Video conferencing, have already made earth a Global Village.

    In agriculture, Biotechnology will revolutionaries the system of conventional agriculture In health science, computer will help reduce the diseases with genetic revolution. A new generation of healthy human beings is going to be a reality. The computers will play a major role in all the above revolutionary changes. Computer Management India a leader in trade & commerce before 16th century lost the Bus Of Western Industrial Revolution. Now so far Computer revolution is concerned we have not lost any moment .Thanks to visionaries like Mr. Sharad Pawar & Mr. Chandrababu Naidu.

    There is now a level playing field and with intelligent background we can compete successfully in the world over. With this view in mind and to satisfy the requirements of personnel in every sphere of life we have started computer courses in 1992. The multiplicity of computers require the art of management of computers at all levels. These Higher end Computer courses will be able to successfully handle the needs of Industry, Business, Commerce, Trade, Transport etc.

    I wish the students a very successful career , I insist that quality of work and constant updating of knowledge is urgent need of computer professionals .Our Institute - Industrial & Computer Management and Research will help the student in achieving this goal .

    Mr. M. D. Jambhekar

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