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    Students Mentoring & Counseling: MCA

    One to One Mentors:

    For MCA I:

    •Dr. Deepali Sawai

    •Ms. Priya Deshpande

    •Ms. Kiran Shinde

    •Mr.Sanjay Mate

    For MCA II & MCA III:

    •Dr.Deepali Sawai

    •Ms.Usha Madyar

    •Ms.Renu Mathew

    •Mr.Sanjay Mathapati

    Group Mentoring Activity:2015-2016

    Group Mentoring Activity:2014-2015


    Student Testimonials about Mentoring programme

     Nibin Manuel, MCA II Student

     For the last one year I have been a part of IICMR, studying Masters in Computer Application. IICMR has been a ‘Home away from Home’, for me. The Friendly attitude of the staff and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the IICMR family.

    IICMR has helped me grow in many aspect of my life. It has taught me how to communicate well with others; I've learned about teamwork, responsibility, integrity and focus to achieve my goals. The institute is welcoming and concentrates on the students providing education on a personal level with one-on-one teaching.


     Navnath Kale, MCA 2010 batch

     "The professional activities at IICMR have really helped me see how I need to interact in business situations. It has prepared me for a future career and for an advanced degree."


    Stories for Group Mentoring Activity: MCA-II

    1. A lesson in Life from Beggar

    2. An Old Mans Ageless Wisdom

    3. Changing India

    4. Death without Grief

    5. Living Through Change

    6. No Man's Garden

    7. The day I stopped drinking milk

    8. Too Many Questions


    Stories are from following books:

    • Life Stories from here and there

    • Wise & Otherwise-A salute to Life

    Author: Sudha Murty






















































































































































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