Top MCA Colleges In Pune - About IICMR MCA

Distinctive Programs to develop competent professional

IICMR stands amongst the top MCA colleges in Pune that offer an intake of 120 students in MCA. Ours is NAAC Accredited course. The Director of the MCA department is Dr. Deepali Sawai, who possesses 25 years of experience in the industry and academic field. The department heads and professors have experience of almost 14 years. Our MCA program is a skill-based program that focuses on providing research-based knowledge by restructuring the academic ambiance.

Our Computer Degree Programs in Pune involves evolving areas of Information Technology. We aim to develop competent professionals for the corporate and the software industry sector. Our curriculum is world-class that involves a theoretical and practical approach both. From computer software development to mathematical computing, software technology, communication, and networking applications, our program involves everything. We have ICT enabled classrooms, GD Hall, seminar rooms, and MOODLE Learning Management System for these courses.

Our MCA program curriculum academic calendar includes Psychometric tests, mentoring, projects, co-curricular events, EEP & Pre-Placement activities, schedule of exams and results, etc. We train students for various international certifications like Java, Microsoft, ISTQB, Data Science, Oracle, and Digital Marketing. They are trained in modern technologies like IoT, Data Science, and other related IT industry technologies. IICMR has made its reputation as the best colleges for MCA in Pune with its innovative teaching and learning techniques.

Innovation in teaching Learning:

To create interest in the subject matter, Capsule Programme is conducted where latest topics are introduced and its application is demonstrated and implemented by students in the very first lectures. Quizzomania a weekly quiz competition is an effective tool to enhance meaningful knowledge retention by igniting interest and placing theoretical subjects in a real-world perspective. Case study approach is opted to encourage independent thinking and analysis among students in relevant topics .Students are motivated to conduct the field survey under Research Methodology projects to provide suggestion on problems faced by the society.International Certification Training are provided which has demonstrated better placements for students. Multiple Choice Question based Mid Term examination is designed using Moodle-LMS. Learning by doing activities foster active learning environment in gaining conceptual knowledge and its application in business. Projects are given to help the students learn beyond the syllabus. Computer lab assignments are designed to include real-life applications. To inculcate & encourage self study, students are given challenging assignments

Mentoring and Counseling

The Institute supports the students to unlock the hidden potential and guides them through Counseling, Mentoring and student development initiatives. Students are groomed in a systematic manner after self analysis and one to one interactions by various initiatives.

Employability Enhancement Programs

Through various student development programs a platform is provided to the to demonstrate skills through Presentation ,Group and Individual activities. This fosters participative learning culture under the guidance of mentors, industry and academia experts. The programs conducted lay down the foundation for entering into the corporate world through series of sessions on Aptitude building, Personality development, Presentation skills, Business etiquettes , Resume Building, Mock Interviews , Group discussions, Personal Interviews. Hands on Trainings/workshops/Sessions/ Industry visits ensures continuous up gradation as per the latest trends and equips them with various skill sets and Core Competencies useful in facing personal and professional challenges.

IT Conclave :

The flagship program, IT Conclave is initiated to link the academia with emerging industry trends. Eminent personalities and experts in the corporate world discuss the emerging career opportunities in different sectors and also share their rich experience and success stories. These sessions support in converting the theoretical concepts into practical application. This platform provides guidance to understand the inclination and decide appropriate specialization, internship and relevant job opportunities.

Value Added Add on Courses and International Certifications :

The certifications offered are chosen based on the feed back received from stakeholders, Recent Trends and relevance in the job market. Through Value added add on courses the department focuses on overall development of the students by enhancing the career prospects and employability skills

Giving Back to the Society:

The youngsters of the institute leave no hand behind in developing the society. Academic Social Responsibility (ASR) provides dimension of value education among the students and faculty by helping, serving, reflecting and learning through neighborhood and extension activities like Blood donation , tree plantation, Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan ,Organ donation pledge

Entrepreneurship Development through IT clinic :

To enhance the entrepreneurial skills among students, IT clinic is established . IT clinic provides consultancy related to : Repair, Maintenance of Hardware (Laptop, desktop, mobile phones), Software Installations, Software Development: website and Mobile app. development, Training on current trends in IT.

Industry participation & Interaction:

The Institute has collaborations with distinguished bodies through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and linkages. These collaborations help the faculty members and students in getting guidance and support through internship projects, workshops, extension activities. Besides, such linkages also facilitate networking with multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

Curriculum Integration Advisory Cell (CIAC):

Comprises of experts from Industry and academia who guide the students time to time under various activities explained above. Corporate Mentoring gives exposure to the students to understand industry practices and processes through one to one interaction, Group Interactions and career Guidance sessions. Improved course content delivery is accomplished through CIAC

Alumni Contributions:

We consider ur alumni as our brand ambassadors. They actively participate in our flagship events: TechnoCase, IT Conclave to guide and mentor the students. They also provide with placement assistance. They are the member of CIAC. Thus the institute stand by its moto: Reaching New Heights.The students as well as the faculty members understands the importance of continuous improvement to be done continually in every thing they do. All this can be achieved by a perfect team work and that is the reason everyone consider the institute as their extended family.

Program Outcomes

PO1: Ability to design and implement software solutions to meet stakeholder needs within realistic constraints such as safety, security and applicability.
PO2: Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, computer science and management in practice.
PO3: Skills to analyze a problem, and identify and define the logical modeling of solutions.
PO4: Ability to use appropriate techniques, skills, and tools necessary for developing end-to-end solutions.
PO5: Ability to apply design , development & management principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity.
PO6: Ability to devise and conduct experiments, interpret data and provide well informed conclusions.
PO7: Ability to function professionally with legal and ethical responsibility as an individual as well as in teams in multidisciplinary domain with a positive outlook.
PO8: Ability to effectively combine understanding of technology and entrepreneurship in a cross-disciplinary fashion to identify and develop attractive opportunities within ones field of experience

MCA Department Mission

It’s our mission to develop competent professionals for software industry, corporate sector, Govt. organizations and academia by providing skill based environment for teaching and research in the core and evolving areas of the Information Technology.Imparting exhaustive theoretical and skill-oriented courses appropriate to the latest computer software development.Giving emphasize on the application of software technology to solve mathematical, computing,communications/networking and commercial problems.