Seminar And Technical Workshop

Technical Workshop : AI as an enabler for teachers in implementing National Education Policy 2020 in Higher Education

Conducted By : Sri. Mahesh Dabak Member- NITI AAYOG Government Of India & Dr. Aditya Abhyankar Director, School of Technology SPPU

IICMR hosted a webinar on 'AI as an enabler for Teachers in Implementing National Education Policy 2020 in Higher Education in association with BHARTIYA SHIKSHAN MANDAL & NITI AAYOG, Government of India on 13th March 2021. This webinar served as a platform for a discussion on the challenges and the role of teachers in the successful implementation of NEP 2020.Dr Deepali Sawai in her welcome note mentioned that NEP 2020 will recondition the Indian Education System. She briefed about the institutional objectives and journey of ATSS trust. She told about the aim of NEP 2020 to recondition the Indian higher education system to become more progressive, inclusive and more equitable. Shri. Mukul Kanitkar, Joint Organizing Secretary of Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal through a video message conveyed the spirit of NEP. Keynote Speaker, Sri. Mahesh Dabak, Member- NITI AAYOG Government of India addressed on “Role of teachers in implementing NEP 2020”. He described the role of the Voluntary education commission , Higher education Council of India etc. He has highlighted the changing role of teachers in current digital education for guidance and cooperation. Chief Guest, Dr. Aditya Abhyankar, Director, School of Technology SPPU, enlighten the participants on pragmatic aspects of NEP. He has highlighted the significance of creating intellectual property, filing patents and copyright by faculty members. He has focused on creative thinking, maintaining originality and importance of adopting research culture in academia. 

Deliberations on NEP implementation challenges and solutions were done with participants through MS Team Breakout rooms. The aspects are:

1. Catalyzing quality academic research

2. Effective restructuring of the curriculum in higher education in accordance with provisions of NEP

3.  Inclusive Education for harmonious society by giving opportunities to SEDG

4. Higher Education in Bhartiya languages for unleashing untapped potential

5. Developing motivated and capable faculty through pre-service and mid-service training

6. Quality Universities and Colleges: For Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education

7. Any other NEP provision that may pose implementation challenge.

Technical Workshop : Seminar On Information Security and Cryptography (Webethon 2020)

Conducted By : Mr.Yashwant Bordekar, Associate- Cyber Security @TIAA

A session on Information Security and Cryptography was conducted on 11th July 2020 during webathon by Mr. Yashwant Bordekar, Associate- Cyber Security @TIAA. Mr. Yashwant started the session with an overview of cyber security, Domains in cyber security to explore as career opportunity. He also demonstrated certain cryptographic techniques.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Devops - unleash the digital experience (Webethon 2020)

Conducted By : Mr. Amol Dhanpalwar, Technology Architect , Sears Holdings India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Amol enlighten some facts DevOps through the webinar on ‘Unleash the Digital experience’. He started his sessions by explaining Devops integration targets product delivery, quality testing , feature development and maintenance. He gave brief introduction of common tools used in Devops process like Jenkins, Bamboo, VSTS etc.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Unleash your creativity through Mobile Apps(Webethon 2020)

Conducted By : Sumit Morey, Software Development Engineer, Nuance India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sumit enlighten some facts from Mobile app development through the webinar on ‘Unleash your creativity through Mobile Apps’. He started his sessions by explaining native apps, web apps and hybrid apps through examples. He also demonstrated the cutting-Edge technology ‘flutter’ through a small application. Through this demonstration students got the glimpses of cross platform app development. As he briefed various mobile development technologies, students got the exposure of current trends from Mobile Development.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Oracle Apps :An avenue to succeed in IT ( Webethon 2020)

Conducted By : Mr.Sangameshwar Modi,Sr .Oracle Apps Developer , Nuance India Pvt Ltd

Mr. Sangameshwar Modi, Sr. Oracle Apps Developer, Nuance India Pvt Ltd.  spoke about Oracle Apps: An avenue to succeed in IT Industry. He emphasized on major points like harnessing tactics of Oracle Apps in IT Industry, different methodologies in Oracle Apps and career avenues in Oracle as well. Students learned about the Oracle ERP interface. The demonstration, helped the students get the glimpses of Oracle Apps development.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on BI Tools-Make Business Cool(Webethon 2020)

Conducted By : Mr. Pankaj Morade, Sr. Specialist AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune

Mr. Pankaj Morade, Sr. Specialist AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune started his talk with what is BI, different BI tools available for Business. He focused on how to understand the customer needs using the BI Tools. Students got the clarity on importance of BI Tools and how to use the BI Tools to provide solutions to the customers' need. Students also got the knowledge about BI tool Tableau. He stressed upon understanding customer's needs through BI Tools and also Tableau. He guided the students on career opportunities available in BI domain. 

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Looker: The BI Tool (Webethon 2020)

Conducted By : Mr.Tushar Uttarwar, Sr.Consultant, Saama Technologies, Pune

Mr. Tushar Uttarwar, Sr. Consultant Saama Technologies, Pune has delivered session on Business Intelligence tools “Looker: The BI Tool”. He shared his thoughts on BI tool What is “Looker”?, its advantages over other BI tools. Mr. Tushar Uttarwar shared in his talk about importance of “Looker” and its application areas in current business world. He gave the demonstration of how to create the dashboard using the Looker. Students learnt about various fetchers of “Looker” to create the attractive and informative dashboards.

Technical Workshop : Express to Impress ‘Virtually(Webethon -2020)

Conducted By : Mr.Mandar Kulkarni, Lead Client Trainer,Netcracker Technology Solutions

Session was by Mr. Mandar Kulkarni, Lead Client Trainer, Netcraker Technology Solutions, Pune. His topic was " Express to Impress ‘Virtually’ ". Mr. Mandar Kulkarni started his talk with the importance of communication and explained how it needs to be changed when it's virtual. Students got clarity on how to use various communication platforms and also got the Tips for effective communication in the virtual world.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Education and jobs post-Covid -19 (Webethon 2020)

Conducted By : Dr.Deepak Shikarpur, author, Technopreneur and Director, Kinetic Communication Ltd.

Webathon -2020: A Webinar Series by Industry experts organised by IICMR -MCA. IICMR MCA has organised a series of Webinars.

Dr. Shikarpur started his talk by sharing the importance of skilling and upskilling, explained that learning a foreign language will be an added advantage. He advised the students to continue their studies if they want to get more expertise and further enhance their knowledge and to grab more career opportunities in the field of IT. He concluded his speech by throwing light on entrepreneurship skills and how to utilize the start-up opportunities.

Technical Workshop : Innovation through Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Conducted By : Mr. Tushar Kute and Mr. Avinash Thorave from MiTu Skillologies, Pune

ATSS's IICMR (MCA Department) organized a Two Days State Level Workshop on “Innovation through Artificial Intelligence & Data Science” under QIP (Quality Improvement Program) from 17th to 18th January 2020 in association with Savitribai Phule Pune University. 60 delegates (Academicians/Research Scholars/Students) and Industry Experts from all over State participated in the QIP. Participants were from different colleges like Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Sinhagad School of Computer Science, Pratibha College of Commerce and Computer Studies, IMSCDR Ahmednagar, CBSCA, IICMR and from various companies. 

The objectives of the programme were:

1. To provide a platform to learn and explore the Technologies Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

2. To nurture the ability in participants to apply the knowledge of AI, ML & Python in Data Analytics and Visualization
The sessions were on

1. Prerequisite of Python programming

2. Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

3. Learn concepts of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep learning

4.  Learn algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. 

5.  Hands-on sessions of Data analytics 
Dr. Deepali Sawai, Director (MCA), IICMR in her welcome note explained the need for data science, data analytics in IT Industry to current business challenges. She also discussed Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, its features and importance in Industry and how important it is to adopt the new technologies. Dr. Aditya Abhyankar, Dean Faculty of Technology, SPPU in his keynote address shared use cases for how AI is used in IT-enabled fields. He demonstrated an AI-based system developed by Savitribai Phule Pune University. 

Technical Workshop : Seminar on “Digital Transformation through Industry 4.0”

Conducted By : Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, IT Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Writer,Mr. Amit Jadhav, CEO, ModelCam,Mr. Naresh Jain, Co-founder and CEO of Snapper Future Tech Pvt. Ltd,Mr. Amol Palshikar, Co-founder, Plezmo,Dr.

Dr. Deepak Shikarpur , IT Evangelist , Entrepreneur ,Writer in the inaugural session, explained regarding the advances in IT 2020 and beyond. He gave us glimpses of how everything is going to become smart, and also told about what extra skills should be acquired by the students.After the Inagural session.
Mr. Amit Jadhav, CEO, ModelCam talked relative to ‘Disruptive Technologies –A connected billion’ where he showed how technology has become a part of day to day life,advancement in technology has improved you life for better. next we had Sachin Kute , Professional Designer briefed us about the 3D printing process and also designed a 3D object – a whistle. Post Lunch Session, Mr. Naresh Jain , Co-founder and CEO of Snapper Future Tech Pvt. Ltd.along with his partner delivered session on “Block Chain and Cryptocurrency ” where he briefed about cryptocurrency Bitcoin and described the working of Block chain mechanism.
Mr. Amol Palshikar, Co-founder, Plezmo gave “Demonstration on: Rapid prototyping of IOT” .All participant teams built a model of smart parking system based on IOT using the kit given to them having sensors, motor and the model elements. Mr. Biju Nathan , Manager Quality at Indus Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. talked about security issues in Industry 4.0. and how it should be handled. 
On the 2nd day , Mr. Amarjit Thounaojam QA team of PTC and co-founder Nextica , took all of us in childhood by presenting the demo of augmented reality with the help of butterfies, dinosaurs .He also told how the future manual could be , if some one wants to maintain the machine how easily he can understand the detailing of the machine with Augmented reality.
A visit to PARC Robotic Ltd was organized, Mr. Nitin Kakde the founder showed the factory and also told us about mechanical Robotics working.Post lunch session was with Mr. Sagar Kasar, Founder MD & CEO, Shirasmane software solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Vishal Vyas, MD CEO & CEO KnowNxt LLC, UAE, spoke about assimilation of technologies for Industry 4.0 In nutshell from this two days , The 1st revolution people understood the power of steam water so they used hydropower , steam power in production, in the 2nd revolution people understood the power of electrical enery so they could do mass production, in the 3rd revolution with the introduction on digital era and computer power ppl started using computer , IT for automization of their work and now that people have understood the power of IoT, Big Data analytics, AI, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, the revolution has to be there.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Magic Software

Conducted By : Mr. Nitin Bhosle MD -APAC Magic software Enterprises

Mr. Nitin Bhosle MD-APAC Magic software Enterprises conducted a seminar on Magic xpi Integration Platform, which helps organization to run more effectively with code-free integration, business process automation and data synchronization solution. Magic xpi integrates all of the business systems on the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid deployments so that the company can maximize its opportunities. It connects and controls all of the data flow from a single platform for maximized productivity, business continuity and organizational efficiency. It has Process Automation simplified with the speed and consistency that comes from automating different business processes, it eliminates repetitive manual tasks. It can also be called as Future ready solution as the integration platform keeps all connections up to date throughout the application’s lifecycle so that business needs are never interrupted. With Magic xpa’s Web Application Framework one can easily create highly-responsive, single-page business apps powered by Angular to provide a rich user experience and meet the increasingly complex enterprise business expectations for digital transformation.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Conducted By : Mr.Naveen Jadhav

Session started with the importance on Business decisions and how BI helps in making Strategic decision making. He demonstrated how Business intelligence helps extract crucial facts from a vast amount of unstructured data and transform them into actionable information that enables companies to make informed strategic decisions, improving operational efficiency and business productivity. Hands on session on BI tool, "Pentaho" was also conducted which the students enthusiastically attended.

Technical Workshop : Workshop on Arduino

Conducted By : Mr.Kapil Hole

The session started with introduction to embedded system, Arduino. How Arduino boards are able to read inputs: light on a sensor, a finger on a button - and turn it into an output: activating a motor, turning on an LED was demonstrated by the trainer. Hands-on on how to give instructions to the microcontroller on the board was conducted. The application areas of embedded systems were also discussed and students were given assignments to develop projects

Technical Workshop : Resume Building-Do’s & Dont’s

Conducted By : Mr. Nivelle Postwala, Associate Vice President, Harbinger Group

Audyogik Tantra Shikshan Sanshta’s Institute of Industrial and Computer Management and Research organized IT CONCLAVE 2018, on 17th Feb 2018. It was an attempt to bring an opportunity for students & teaching fraternity at IICMR to interact with IT personnel from diverse backgrounds. It would give them a chance to peep into the realities that the Industry holds today.

Mr. Nivelle Postwala, Associate Vice President, Harbinger Group  shared do’s and don’t about resume writing. He explained importance of resume for getting job in industry. He also talked about facts of 

Technical Workshop : CO Workshop

Conducted By : Ms. Kiran Shinde

The MCA department of IICMR organized a workshop on Computer Organization for MCA I students to initiate an innovative way of imparting knowledge which could be useful to all other similar institutes as well. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Kiran Shinde and Mr. Haridas Mundhe. The workshop was comprised of two major activities. In one activity students were asked to disassemble the working computer system and assemble back. In other activity they were informed about the motherboard and its components.


Technical Workshop : Seminar: Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

Conducted By : Mr. Atul Bengeri Regional Manager, Digital Transformation & Smart City Projects, Dell –EMC

Mr. Atul Benegiri, in his address on ‘Smart solutions to Smart city’ explained the Smart City project, various requirement of smart city, its functions and necessities. He also added the types of SMART solutions required and employability. He focused on few concepts of smart city like Planning for future generation, Infrastructural facilities, power and electricity, Smart Mobility, use of GPS for accessibility, Pollution free IOT. He also talked about world’s top 100 Smart cities and India’s contribution to it. He advised the student to participate in “” Project of India through blogs, discussion or by giving suggestions. There is an ample opportunity in the field of Data science and analytics, cloud computing, research in Artificial Intelligence and IT infrastructure management in near future.

Technical Workshop : Grooming and Presentability

Conducted By : Ms. Anamika Dasgupta Sharma

Ms. Anamika Dasgupta Sharma emphasized the importance of effective communication skills and how we can present ourselves effectively while going for an interview.

Technical Workshop : Big Data Analytics

Conducted By : Mr. Kuldeep Deshpande , Chief Guest-founder & co-CEO at Ellicium Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Kuldeep Deshpande, in his interactive session, spoke about the Big Data Analytics, challenges for Big Data , real -life use cases implemented ,etc. He highlighted the role of Data Scientist and pointed out the skill set required to be one.

Technical Workshop : Leveraging Business Sustainability Through IoT

Conducted By : Mr. Sundaresan N, Mr. Shivendra Kumar, Mr. Jeetu Gupta, Mr. Hrishikesh Deshpande, Mr. Md. Nafish, EDC Cell IIT Roorkie, Revert Technologies Delhi

A Four Days National Level Workshop under QIP (Quality Improvement Program) was conducted in association with IIT Roorkee & Savitribai Phule Pune University. 45 delegates (Academicians/Research Scholars/Students) and Industry Experts from all over India participated in the QIP.

The objectives of the programme were:

1.    To provide exposure to latest Technology IoT with Raspberry Pi to Academicians/Corporate.

2.    To educate the participants the core and essentials concepts of Raspberry Pi

3.    To educate the participants how business application data can be stored locally and on cloud

4.    To create real time business applications using Python programming, Raspberry Pi and various sensors

The four days’ workshop witnessed sessions on Models, Peripherals and Applications of Raspberry Pi, demonstration on how to install and set up of OS in Raspberry Pi, sessions for Raspberry Pi with various sensors, demonstration for Open-Source Software Library and how to update Pi to latest software, demonstration on how to store data on cloud using Ada fruit IO cloud service, how to generate key and feeds, live business applications based on IoT.  Various projects using the concepts of IoT were developed by the participants under the guidance of the trainers. Few of the Projects/ Models which were completed in these 4 days were Speedometer for any moving object Ultrasonic sensor with buzzer, Surveillance system for security & Safety, Car parking & monitoring system, Battle  Cry, Car driving safety system  to name a few.

Technical Workshop : CO Workshop

Conducted By : Ms. Kiran Shinde- Assistant Professor, IICMR

The MCA department of IICMR organized a workshop on Computer Organization for MCA II students to initiate an innovative way of imparting knowledge which could be useful to all other similar institutes as well. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Kiran Shinde. At the beginning of the workshop a video on How to assemble a Computer was shown. Ms. Kiran guided the students for understanding the different ports, slots on the motherboard. She also showed a video on working of keyboard during the workshop. MCA faculty members also visited the workshop. Theme of this technical workshop was explained by Ms. Kiran Shinde to the students.

Technical Workshop : Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi

Conducted By : Mr. Yogesh Tilu, Technical Lead (WFH), Open Source developer

Mr. Yogesh started his session by briefing about the first open Source Hardware Raspberry Pi that supports 10+ Operating Systems and about various versions of Raspberry Pi available. He explained about the architecture of the Linux Operating System and the classification of ARM processors.  A comparison between Intel processors and ARM Processors was also done. He described the evolution of computers from fixed- computing to Internet of Everything. He demonstrated how Raspberry Pi can be used to control the Bubble maker machine by tweeting string. Sir shared ideas like smart chairs, smart Bicycle, smart Homes with students for future projects.Mr. Yogesh started his session by briefing about the first open Source Hardware Raspberry Pi that supports 10+ Operating Systems and about various versions of Raspberry Pi available. He explained about the architecture of the Linux Operating System and the classification of ARM processors.  A comparison between Intel processors and ARM Processors was also done. He described the evolution of computers from fixed- computing to Internet of Everything. He demonstrated how Raspberry Pi can be used to control the Bubble maker machine by tweeting string. Sir shared ideas like smart chairs, smart Bicycle, smart Homes with students for future projects.

Technical Workshop : Android App Development

Conducted By : Mr. Amit Agarwal, Trainer

In the workshop the trainer taught the participants about the building applications using android SDK starting from simple to complex applications. Each student developed a mobile app. The applications included App for calculating the calories gained, calories burned, daily expenses calculator, daily electricity usage meter, monthly budget calculator and so on.

Technical Workshop : Mobile & Laptop Repairing workshop

Conducted By : Prof. Arun More, Director, Success Institute of Technology

The workshop was a 6 days program for 3 hrs. each day. The first 3 days Mr. More covered the repairing of laptops and the next 3 days was for mobiles. The training was conducted for MCA 1st year students by Mr. Arun More who is M.Sc.(Physics –Electronics).B. Ed. with teaching Experience of 18 years, former HOD, Dept of Electronics at MIT College Pune presently working as Director Success Institute of technology Nigdi also is a Consultant to Kulswamini Engineers Pune. The Students found the learning very enriching. The learning process had good hands on guidance and the participants felt more time was required to get a better experience of the concepts taught.

Technical Workshop : Computer Organisation

Conducted By : Mrs. Kiran Shinde, Trainer

The main objective of this innovative workshop is to explain the internal structure, components of the computer by dismantling the old computers, Printer and Monitor, to get a feel of the hardware which they learn in their theory. The students of MCA 1st year attended the workshop.

Technical Workshop : IoT

Conducted By : Mr. T. Anand, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Knewron Technologies

Mr. Anand took a session on first half of day 1 to explain the building blocks of IoT and explained how the objects and appliances work by connecting to each other. He also explained how the future be with IoT with the help of small video clip. After the theoretical training on Python and Linux he took hands on training on the IoT kit with sensors bought by him.

Technical Workshop : Python Programming

Conducted By : Mr. Ganesh Rampure, & Megha Mutalikdesai, Trainer

Hands on session was conducted by Ganesh Rampure for students of MCA 2nd year and MCA 3rd year. Python a language widely used for IoT, and not present in the old syllabus of MCA, students were very happy to learn the language.

Technical Workshop : Software Testing

Conducted By : Ms. Farjana Sayyed, Corporate Trainer, Itech Connect

Ms. Farjana gave the introduction of software testing and its importance in software industry. She explained the need of automated tools and explained that QTP is the automated testing tool which is widely use in the industry now. She took hands-on session on Quick Test Professional (QTP) and taught its practical applications. The students of MCA 2nd year attended the session along with Faculty members.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Business Intelligence

Conducted By : Mr. Gaurav Wadhwa,Asst.Manager,Synechron

To reinforce the conceptual understanding, seminar on Business Intelligence was conducted by Mr. Gaurav Wadhwa. He explored the different aspects of Business Intelligence and explained that it is the concept of providing right information at right time to the right decision makers. He explained about different modules in the Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Mart and various BI tools currently available in the market. He briefed about the importance of Business Analytics and BI solutions in order to keep business relevant, competitive and effective. He also discussed the job opportunities in various domains of Business Intelligence.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Digital Marketing

Conducted By : Mr. Rahul Jain, InnoServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Seminar on Digital Marketing was conducted by Mr. Rahul Jain. He started his session with the video showing the transformation that is happening in the field of marketing. He explained the traditional and the new trends in the marketing. He stated that the social media, Websites, Online advertising and mobile technology play the lead role in the marketing now a days. He explained how the Social media has changed the trend in marketing.  The digital footprint of the user can be used to do the targeted marketing. He also explained the success story of Woolmark in the form of the case study to emphasize the use of multi-channel advertisement. At the end of the session, he demonstrated the importance of social media to market and analyse the user behaviour.

Technical Workshop : Android

Conducted By : Ms. Megha Desai

IICMR-MCA Department organized a Faculty Development program On Android Development at IICMR. The Sessions were conducted from 16th November 2013 till 26th November 2013 in LAB 4 of IICMR, was conducted by Prof. Megha Desai, and was attended by all the faculty of IICMR–MCA Department. The Session touched the concepts of Core java, XML, Android architecture, life cycle of Android Application, Android Environment, last but not the least Android App Development. Sessions began from 10am to 11.30 am for theory and continued after a small tea break from 11.45am to 1.15pm daily for ten days. First day session covered core java, second day Xml, third day Android architecture, fourth day basic Android App Development using the software Eclipse ADT as a tool for the development. Many features of Android App Development where covered such as Intents, Layouts, Views, View groups, Widgets, Menus, Sqlite to name some. Creating App practically helped to understand the concepts well, and also made the sessions interactive and interesting.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Technical Writing and Cloud Computing Under Student Centric program-Cluster 6A

Conducted By : Mr.Amit Dangle Head ,Business Development, Persistent Systems. Mr. Prasad Joshi Associate professor,IIIT


The seminar was inaugurated by Mr. Amit Dangle, Head Business Development function at Persistent Systems, Ex –Chairman Computer Society of India. Directors Dr. Deepali Sawai, Dr. Abhay Kulkarni were present for the event.  Dr. Deepali Sawai, Director (Tech.), IICMR, said that this Technical Enhancement program is a systematic attempt to help the student fraternity to excel with 21st century competencies, in the world of Information, Management, and Technology with collaborative efforts of various Institutes in the Cluster 6A under BCUD, University of Pune. She also added that IICMR has taken its share of responsibility by conducting this program to educate the participants in this subject. The first session was conducted by Mr. Amit Dangle. He explained the basics of Technical Writing. He also described the importance of technical writing in the process of analysis of the events and their implications. He also elaborated some configuration management tools like Clear Case, Visual Source Safe, and Tortoise SVN etc. The second session was conducted by Mr.Prasad Joshi, Associate Prof. IIIT on Cloud Computing. He talked about the applications of Cloud computing, Protocols and the technology used for implementing cloud computing.

Technical Workshop : National Seminar

Conducted By : Dr.Deepak Shikarpur, Chairman BOS Dr.Smita Totade, Professor & CIO at National Insurance Academy Mrs.Neena Godbole, Free Lancer Mr.Mallikarjun Malle Project Manager & In charge , Mumbai cyber Lab, Cyb

National Seminar sponsored by AICTE On Cyber Security And Cyber Crime program was conducted on 27th ,28th September2013.The Seminar was inaugurated by the eminent IT personality Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, Director IICMR Dr. Abhay Kulkarni, Executive Director    Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni,Dr. Deepali Sawai, Technical Director IICMR, Convener Dr.Aruna Deoskar ,HOD ,MCA and Research Head.

The First Session commenced on 27th September 2013, Dr. Deepak Shikarpur , Chiarman ,Board of Studies (Computer),UOP. He Started Session with the Topic IT 2013Challenges And Opportunities. He said ,”IT is a Transformation Element” went on with further topics IT Business, Globalization ,Skill for youth .He also talked about how recessions can be an opportunity ,he also introduced a new way to Learning And Teaching, by making the technique a participative one from both side.  He also introduced a new way of upgrading using a MOODLE Based learning. He also added that being in the profession of IT each faculty had to further take up the responsibility of upgrading their knowledge with latest trends and keeping themselves up to date. He motivated students for developing Android Apps in the project work. He also guided the students towards the upcoming and booming technologies such as E governance , Healthcare ,Insurance ,Mobile Computing , Microelectronic , Cloud, green ,Embedded and many more  .

The Second Session Started after lunch form one of the eminent IT personality Dr .SmitaTotade Prof. and CIO,NIA,She started her speech on topic “Cyber Crime and Cyber Security”. She gave us a new glance  of IT that even to remain in same position we need to be Dynamic, and upgrade to retain the same position ,she also told IT can be a 2 Way Weapon, She spoke about It security Governance, Collapseof the Business can even occur at the management level.She spoke about Risk being the loss or damage of assets, the new asset here being Knowledge,information,Data.she also gave many ways to over come such  risk using risk management technique ,one being to check on the 90’ conflict of security and performance.she showed some demo on key loger, Steganography tools used as Spywares on systems. she also helped us look into the case  where security was needed ,one of the case being 3 pig story,which showed how important security is in IT .she also gave some knowledge about certification that can be done to pursue career in cyber security,such being Vendor Certification With Cisco.

An Eminent IT personal Mrs.Nina.Godbole SME,Regulatory Compliance Data Privacy ,IBM India Pvt.Ltd had Started Second Day Session with Topic “Role of IS Audit in Cyber Security”,She spoke about Cyber Forensic.Cyber Attack like Morphing,Stocking . She told us how small information given on Facebook ,could lead to password tracking,she even showed how Simulations are used even before an actual attack making Cyber space more important to be secure. She guided us how an actual Information Audit takes place ,by telling about Internal and External Audits, Audit Planning,ISO 27001:2005 Secrity She also told that Information Audit helps us to block all the opening to break into the system.She guided us toward many books that can be read and Certification that can be carried  out for Audit being CISA[Certified Information Security Audit .  

Second Session of Second Day Started by  Mr.Mallikarjun Malle, Project Manager,Incharge Mumbai cyber Lab, Cyber Police Station,Crime Branch CID,Mumbai,Spoke on topic “Experience sharing: Cyber Crime Cases ,explained some of the live cases ,and study of Forensic Laws on Cyber Crime. he talked about Phishing, Morphing .He Showed many ways using which a cyber crime can occur ,one being using a Card Skimmer, Card Writter used to copy the Data from the ATM Cards which shocked and made us aware of the Crime and not to be a victim. The Last and not the least ,the well known Author of more than 40 books ,

Technical Workshop : Laptop Repairing Workshop

Conducted By : Mr.Arun More

The workshop was a 6 days program for 3 hrs each day. The first 3 days Mr. More covered the repairing of laptops and the next 3 days was for mobiles. The training was conducted for MCA 1st year students by Mr. Arun More who is M.Sc.(Physics –Electronics).B. Ed. with teaching Experience of 18 years, former HOD, Dept of Electronics at MIT College Pune presently working as Director Success Institute of technology Nigdi also is a Consultant to Kulswamini Engineers Pune. The Students found the learning very enriching. The learning process had good hands on guidance and the participants felt more time was required to get a better experience of the concepts taught.


Technical Workshop : Seminar on “Big Data”

Conducted By : Mrs. Neena Godbole Free Lancer

Seminar on Big Data was conducted by Mrs. Nina Godbole. She explored the different facets of Big data from generation to utilization. She also explained the case study on how Big Data is useful in healthcare domain. She asked many questions in between the session to make session interactive. She discussed the areas where MCA students with knowledge of Big Data could have good opportunities in their career. She distributed prizes to the students who answered the questions correctly during the session.

Technical Workshop : Seminar on Information Security and Ethical Hacking

Conducted By : Mr. Mahesh Saptarshi, Technical Director,Symantec

Seminar on Information Security and Ethical Hacking was conducted by Mr. Mahesh Saptarshi. He explored how the unethical downloads may lead you to the “Red”. Here the “RED” means unknowingly you may become the trigger to activate the hazardous program. He also briefed about the IP spoofing and phishing. He discussed the areas where MCA students with knowledge of Ethical Hacking could have good opportunities in their career, He concluded with answering queries from faculty and students. Ms Nilam elaborated the courses available for the ethical hacking. She also described the prerequisites required for each course. She answered the queries raised by the students.