Placement Policy

We at IICMR believe in creation of knowledge asset rather than only training of minds. Presently, our focus is on an effective relationship between the Industry and the academics. Corporate Internship, Development of Corporate Citizenship, industry-driven project work, are several initiatives in implementing the development. In order to stand out in the present competitive world, managerial leadership requires both excellent functional skills and exceptional approach.

In today’s global and volatile marketplace businesses seek talents who have both analytical and interpersonal skills, as well as integrity and character, expecting their deliverables right from the first day. This reflects in our specifically designed “Career Enhancement Program” including Communication & Listening skills, Time Management, Creativity and problem solving, Team building, Presentation skills, Interviews, Group discussions, Resume Building. This program caters to both, the professional skill development, as well as building character and virtue, inculcating our cultural values which play a very important role in achieving success consistently in lives of our students. IICMR placement process aims to synergize the requirement of the recruiters and the aspirations of the students.