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Join our free webinar series, WEBETHON 2020 for expert insights, practical tips, and live Q & A with Industry Experts.

IICMR-MCA provides a series of live and interactive webinars to give you a quick glance into emerging technologies and industry trends. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with subject matter experts to augment your knowledge and skills in a virtual environment. Our extensive range of webinars include technologies like Information Security, Mobile App Development, BI Tools, Database and many more.

Our live webinars will help you to touch base a wide variety of IT and Soft Skills topics keeping you up to date on the latest in Technology and Business.

Register for the Webinar series scheduled on Saturdays at 12:00noon and 3:00pm starting from June 20,2020.

How to Make Friends as a Grown-Up
Session Speaker YouTube Link
Education & Jobs post Covid-19 Dr. Deepak Shikarpur https://youtu.be/OOVWbQbkg6k
Express to Impress 'Virtulally' Mr. Mandar Kulkarni https://youtu.be/bkslOL1aBok
BI Tools-Make Business Cool Mr.Pankaj Morade https://youtu.be/8Pz-Cjn55Js
Looker: The BI tool Mr.Tushar Uttarwar https://youtu.be/hepIEFdXFOM
Unleash your creativity through Mobile Apps Mr.Sumit Morey https://youtu.be/JsFbiaVX51s
Oracle Apps-An Avenue to succeed in IT Mr.Sangameshwar Modi https://youtu.be/gvySmtJ8KVo
Information Security and Cryptography Mr.Yashwant Bordekar https://youtu.be/kwbJret6qsM
Devops-Unleash the Digital Experience Mr.Amol Dhanpalwar https://youtu.be/wy7qYU1UdvM